I, Mohammad Reza Safaei was born in Shahi, north of Iran, in 1956.                

Because of my fathers work, I went to school in Ramsar, Tehran and graduated in Shahi. After high school I joined the army. I was one of the officers to have been in war for several years, in Iran and Iraq and was the commandant in the war for different companies. I was summon to court     because of my fight against the regime, their tyranny, suppression, and fighting for the rights of my soldiers, which I was arrested and put in prison  for.                                                                                                                        

After I was released, a colleague and I fled to turkey and then to Europe.   Thereafter I started doing what I always wanted to do since I was a child, which is reading and writing. Even though I had a family, my wife and four children, I worked very hard and finished my education to be a social worker, thereafter Dr. ( PHD ) in applied psychology. 


My activities were divided in three, culture, politics and social.

Cultural activities

- I wrote and published six books, the following:

- Translated an Iranian book to Danish "Iran & Islam", written by a great Iranian research worker, Ali Mir Fetrous.

- Swallow without a nest.

- Life's passers- by.

-  Voice of love (a collection of poems); some of the poems are translated to Danish.

- Memory of one day.

- The invisible suffering.

- A collection of articles by Dariush Homayoun. from 1994- 2000.

All of my books were published in Denmark and was bought by local libraries, which every Iranians can borrow.

I am a member of Danish writers Union and Danish International Pen, and I take part in most of their meetings.

For 1 1/2 year I have co- operated with the Iranian newspaper Nimrooz. I write different articles and Danish/ Iranian periodicals.


Politic activities 

I have been part of all different activities The Constitutional Party of Iran, CPI. I was chosen for chairman of CPI in Denmark.

November 1998, at a congress meeting in Berlin, I was elected for member of CPI's Central Council and was re- elected in 2000.

Along with the general secretary and other members of CPI's Central Council, and their political advisers, we started in 1995 having yearly meetings with Danish politicians from the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Danish parliament. They invited us to make speeches of Iran.

I write the Danish government many letters and to other EU- countries leaders, about Iran and explain the Iranian people's issues, for example about their bad economy, politic, social, human rights, political liberty, freedom of expression, daily suppression of authors and students, stone throwing, whipping and execution in public places, my complaints against journalists and other people who does not use the right name for the Persian Golf in their articles and letters, abuse of their power for corruption and selling the goods and articles that EU and other countries donate them in the black marked instead of giving it to the poor people whom it was meant for.

I also arrange demonstrations and meetings in front of the Iranian embassy in Copenhagen with other organizations.

We have meetings with other organizations to arrange conferences in Copenhagen which a lot of Iranian newspapers and radio stations in several countries have .commented on


Social activities

After finishing my education for being a social worker, I have worked for different local authorities, helping the Iranian people and advising those who have social and other problems in the society.